Elmos Protected Documents


“Recipient” means the entity on which behalf you are registering for the download and downloading the Elmos Protected Documents.

“Elmos” means the Elmos Semiconductor SE, Heinrich-Hertz-Strasse 1, 44227 Dortmund Germany.

“Elmos Protected Documents” means all files provided by Elmos for registered and specific Recipients via a specific download and registration procedure on its website www.elmos.com and all files Elmos sends to Recipient as an update by email.

  • The free-of-charge provision of the Elmos Protected Documents and updates is a voluntary service of Elmos. Elmos is not obliged to provide any Elmos Protected Documents or updates to the Elmos Protected Documents.
  • Recipient shall hold the Elmos Protected Documents in strict confidence and use its best efforts to protect the Elmos Protected Documents from unauthorized use or disclosure to third parties.
  • The Elmos Protected Documents are a business secret of Elmos. Recipient may not make the Elmos Protected Documents available to third parties. Recipient may not make the Elmos Protected Documents available to employees who do not absolutely need to have such access
  • The Elmos Protected Documents shall be returned, destroyed or deleted as far as this is requested by the Elmos.
  • The disclosure of Elmos Protected Documents shall not be deemed to constitute a waiver of any existing intellectual property rights in, or relating to, the Elmos Protected Documents or a grant of a license or right regarding such intellectual property.
  • This agreement shall be effective as long as Recipient retains at least one copy (electronic or digital) of the Elmos Protected Documents.
  • This agreement is governed by German law. Disputes between the parties shall be settled exclusively by the courts having jurisdiction in Dortmund. By way of exception, Elmos may alternatively bring a claim against Recipient at the courts having jurisdiction at the registered office of Recipient.
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