Sensor Signal Processing, ultrasonic level / flow / distance measurement, smoke detector and more

At the Sensor+Test 2017 in Nuremberg Elmos presents many sensor solutions. In focus are e.g. IC for Sensor Signal Processing, ultrasonic level / flow / distance measurement, optical smoke detectors, and other ICs for PIR & thermopile applications. You can find those products at hall 1, booth 1-422. The fair takes places from May 30th – June 1st.

The Elmos Sensor Signal Processing (SSPs) (E520.33, E520.42, E520.45, E703.11, E703.21) are suitable for numerous automotive and industrial applications, especially to evaluate signals from pressure sensors, torque sensors, sensor resistor bridges, MEMS or piezo sensors and many other applications. The ICs are controller and semiconductors for pressure sensor signal processing. The system is calibrated over a one wire interface. Furthermore, they feature a comprehensive, integrated self test function and a high level of protection against voltage peaks in automotive applications.

Elmos has a wide range of ASSPs, which address different system architectures (such as point-to-point and LIN bus), requirements and target markets for the ultrasonic level / flow / distance measurement. For the visualization of the functionalities, we have built up a new demonstrator. This evaluates the distance information so that different scenarios can be tested directly at the fair.

With the E520.30, Elmos presents a fully programmable platform for an optical smoke detector with a bus interface. The E520.30 is a high current driver for the transmitter LED and a high impedance input to voltage conversion of the receiver diode. The transmitter pulses and the detected signals are processed by the integrated 8-bit microcontroller. The microcontroller has 4-KB Flash and 128 Byte RAM. The flexible configurability allows an optimization of the system’s performance; up to 255 detectors can be connected to the bus interface.

Elmos introduces the E931.98 integrated circuit for motion detection with conventional PIR (Passive Infrared) detectors. The signal from the detector is digitalized and analyzed. A load switch output activated, once motion is detected. The E931.98 is ready for use immediately after switching on. There is no settling requirement after power up.

About Elmos Semiconductor AG
Elmos develops, produces and markets semiconductors and sensors, primarily for use in the automotive industry. Our components communicate, measure, regulate and control safety, comfort, powertrain and network functions. For over 30 years, Elmos innovations have been bringing new functions to life and making mobility worldwide safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

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