IC E703.15 with 16-bit microprocessor and high degree of integration

Elmos introduces the E703.15 IC for flow, level, concentration and temperature measurement with a full featured 16-bit microprocessor. All analogue front ends are also integrated in the E703.15, so that a heat meter can be realized with only a few additional passive components. The flow measurement is based on the time-of-flight principle.

An application video presents the E703.15 in detail: youtu.be/xhltdA5jMAk

The temperature measurement unit evaluates up to 3 platinum sensors (PTC) with integrated 14-bit ADC. A configurable precision amplifier supports absolute and differential temperature measurements. A software library in an on-chip ROM can be used to obtain real-time measurement results with reduced software overhead.

The flow measurement has a very low power consumption of 26μA at 2 ultrasonic and temperature measurements per second despite a fast measurement with high accuracy. The time-to-digital converter (TDC) measures runtime in up and down direction with picosecond accuracy (40 ps resolution). An integrated amplifier chain can be configured individually and according to the sensor used.

The IC is available in a QFN48 package (7*7) or as an unhoused IC (bare die).

For more information, please email us at sales@elmos.com with the subject line "E703.15" or contact us by phone: + 49 231 7549 100.

About Elmos
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