E523.81: Simple start-up with Wizard - No software development necessary

With the E523.81, Elmos presents a highly integrated 3-phase BLDC motor controller. Thanks to an integrated state machine, the IC has the necessary intelligence for high-quality control of BLDC motors on board and requires no user software. The adaptation to different motors and requirements is done by parameterizing the IC. Start-up is self-explanatory via a wizard tool. The IC enables extremely quiet operation of the motor by means of a sinusoidal control and is therefore particularly suitable for applications that require inaudible motor noise due to their position in the vehicle.

Due to its space-saving design in a 5mm x 5mm QFN housing, the controller also fits on very small PCBs of compact fans or pumps. The integrated driver delivers continuous currents up to 500mA. The nominal speed of the connected motor can be set either by analog or PWM signal.

The E523.81 has extensive protection and diagnostic functions such as blocking detection with automatic restart function, protection against overtemperature, over- and undervoltage, short circuit as well as configurable error handling and configurable displays.

With an operating temperature range (Tj) of -40°C to +170°C, the device is also suitable for applications with increased temperature requirements.

With stand-alone operation, the E523.81 enables cost-optimized systems for compact fans or pumps.

For more information, please email sales@elmos.com with "E523.81" in the subject line or call us at + 49 231 7549 100.

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