E524.08 / E524.09: easy to put into operation – no software development needed

With the E524.08 and E524.09 ICs, Elmos is presenting a new ultrasound IC family for ultrasound parking assistance systems in the vehicle. These ICs can also be used for general distance measurements in industrial applications (industrial robots, silo fill level measurement and more). The ICs qualified according to AECQ-100 are already in series production.

A special emphasis was placed on optimum distance measurement in the development of these ICs. Thus the revised signalling path currently supports distance measurements between 10cm and 600cm. Even larger distances are possible with optimised system hardware and under favourable ambient conditions. Additional functions such as STC (sensitivity time control), ATG (automatic threshold generation), NFTG (near-field threshold generation) and the FTC algorithm support further adaptation and optimisation for the desired customer application. The new EPD (echo peak detection) considerably improves the accuracy of the distance measurement compared to older systems.

Putting the ICs into operation is very straightforward. Many configurations can be realised quickly via the communication interface. There is no need for own software development to control the transducer and evaluate the signal that is received. All of these functions are already handled by the ICs. In order to ensure flexibility for customer applications, the optimised I/O interface offers up to 3 configurable measurement ranges that can for example be set up for a near, medium and far field. Switching from measurement to measurement is possible and can significantly reduce system response times.

Numerous diagnosis possibilities, such as monitoring the supply voltages, the IC temperature, the detection of communication errors or the measurement of the decay time and frequency deviation, enable reliable sensor operation.

Settings relevant for the application can be stored by the customer in the integrated EEPROM in an end-of-line calibration. Envelope and threshold value curves can be read in digital or analogue form for evaluation and debugging purposes.

Communication with the control unit is possible with a choice of a 2 or 3-wire version. The 2-wire version (E524.08) offers bidirectional communication with data modulation on the supply line. The 3-wire version (E524.09) has a dedicated I/O line for data transmission.

For further information, application notes, evaluation kits and samples, please send an e-mail to sales@elmos.com with “E524.08/E524.09” in the subject line, visit our website at www.elmos.com or contact us by telephone: + 49 231 7549 100.

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