E909.21+.22: Intuitive interaction with the automobile cockpit


With the ICs E909.21 (controller) and the E909.22 (conditioner), Elmos presents a solution for optical proximity and gesture recognition in the car. The two components are specially designed for use in larger automotive displays. The ICs are a perfectly matched solution for precise interaction with the cockpit user interface (GUI).

The possibilities are shown in a new product video youtu.be/4UqAWhUX638

The following actions can be detected: Proximity, Swipe, Air Slider ™, Magnification, and more. The object recognition and motion evaluation act in real time on the basis of a simple infrared technology.

Elmos is a pioneer in gesture recognition in the vehicle and the No. 1 in the world for this application. One reason for this is the best ambient light immunity available on the market and automatic system calibration. In addition, many features have been integrated to simplify system design and sensor design, making the devices a plug-and-play solution tailored to the application. The E909.21 is used by well-known OEMs in various vehicle models in series.

The basis for the ICs is the established HALIOS® principle. It is the only method that works with true optical compensation. This allows almost complete neutralization of parasitic physical effects from the receiver, ranging from the ambient light effect to very good temperature stability, far beyond the capabilities of the individual components.

For more information, evaluation kit and samples please write an email to sales@elmos.com with the subject line "E909.21 / .22", visit our website www.elmos.com or contact us by phone: + 49 231 7549 100.

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