E524.32 / E524.33: Easy implementing ─ cost-effective system solution

With the ICs E524.32 and E524.33, Elmos presents the next generation of the "Direct-Drive" ultrasonic IC family for automotive ultrasonic parking assistance systems. Furthermore, these ICs can be used for distance measurements in industrial applications or robotic applications.

The "Direct-Drive" approach enables a significant reduction in system costs, since the transformer and other external components on the sensor board can be dispensed. A simpler board layout, a lower overall height and weight savings are further advantages of this system solution. Other advantages are explained in the new video clip "Elmos Direct-Drive" (https://youtu.be/5WVyJxuydQ8)

Compared to the predecessor ICs, the measurement performance as well as the ESD and EMC behavior have been significantly improved. In the long range, the ICs detect a 75mm standard round obstacle, depending on the type of transducer used, up to a distance of about 4 meters. For larger obstacles, more distant targets can be successfully detected. At close range, the new, redesigned Smart Damping algorithm reduces transducer settling time so that minimum distances of <12cm can be measured with a single transducer. The new near-field detection detects objects already in front of the sensor and issues a warning by means of a flag.

Also with this IC family the implementing of the ICs is very easy. Many configurations can be quickly set via the communication interface. In order to be able to react flexibly to the customer application, the optimized IO interface offers up to 3 configurable measuring ranges, which can be set, for example, for a near, medium and long range. An additional second, configurable threshold and advanced settings for the dynamic gain curve offer more options.

The communication via the different interfaces is almost identical to the Elmos ICs E524.08/09, so that both ICs can be mixed as desired in the vehicle depending on customer requirements. If higher ranges are required, the ICs E524.08/09 can be used. If the requirements are lower and the system costs are in the foreground, the ICs E524.32/33 can be used.

All ICs have numerous diagnostic capabilities, such as supply voltage monitoring, temperature sensor and communication error detection. The measurement of settling time and frequency deviation allow safe sensor operation.

For more information, application notes, evaluation kits and samples, please write an e-mail to sales@elmos.com with the subject line "E524.32 / E524.33", visit our website www.elmos.com or contact us by phone at: +49 231 7549 100.

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