RGB LED control, BLDC motor driver, Gesture Control, USB power supply

Elmos will show the product highlights for the Asian market at the electronica China in Shanghai. These include the following: Semiconductors for RGB LED control, BLDC motor driver, the new generation of gesture control ICs and chips for the USB power supply. These and other semiconductors and sensors can be found in the booth E4.4208. The trade fair will take place from 14 to 16 March 2017.

The product highlights at a glance:

The unique functionality of the Elmos IC E521.31 enables a simple and flexible construction of a RGB LED system with LIN bus. The block has a 16-bit microcontroller, voltage regulation (5V 100mA & 3.3V 40mA) and a LIN transceiver with integrated BSM Auto addressing (bus shunt method). In order to drive the LEDs four LED driver with a switching capacity of each 50mA are integrated. Furthermore the E521.31 has extensive protection functions (short circuit, temperature). By using the LIN flash mode several participants of the LIN system can be flashed parallel. Possible application of E521.31 is the individual ambient lighting of the vehicle interior with RGB LEDs.

With the E523.05 IC, Elmos is presenting a 3x half bridge driver for use with BLDC and DC motors. The IC features integrated, dynamically programmable and extremely precise dead time detection to control the motors. The input voltage is 7 V to 28 V. But thanks to its virtually full functionality from 5 V to 28 V, the module can also be used in vehicle start-stop systems. The E523.05 only consumes 20µA in quiescent mode. The IC supports operation of an external microcontroller (3.3 V or 5 V). The output current can be increased by using an external transistor (up to 70mA direct load, over 70mA with an external transistor).

Elmos presents IC E909.21, the integrated circuit for the next generation of optical proximity detection and gesture recognition devices in cars. By comparison with prior solutions, the new component saves up to 40% in costs of materials and reduces the required installation space by up to 50%. The E909.21 offers the user a simple and targeted solution. In this system, the object recognition and motion analysis operate in real-time based on simple infrared technology. The IC features the best available extraneous light immunity and an automated systems calibration. The new IC can be easily scaled to accommodate all current commercial and future display sizes and shapes.

With the E522.43 IC, Elmos is presenting a USB-2.0 compatible power supply with comprehensive protection functions for use in vehicles. Thanks to the extensive pin configuration options and automatic detection of the dedicated BC1.2 charging ports and the removal of the connected USB device, this component is particularly well suited for standalone applications without an external microcontroller. The integrated circuit supports all USB charging downstream loads in accordance with the "Battery Charging Specification Revision 1.2" and also emulates the currently known specific USB chargers. A current dependent increase in the BUS voltage (negative resistance) allows for an optimal charging process even for large currents with wire losses.

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