Automobile focus: video clip presents growth drivers in 2 minutes

Elmos presents the company’s automotive growth drivers in 2 minutes in its new video clip “Innovation Matters”: From gesture control to ambient lighting to distance measurement and many other applications where Elmos is number 1 in the world for the automotive sector. Here the focus is on the application: Elmos semiconductors are used where innovations matter. Even today our solutions are important core elements of driver assistance systems, intuitive control, and the right “comfort temperature” for the vehicle interior.

The demand for Elmos semiconductors and sensor will increase in the coming years due to the global mobility mega-trends. These include the trend towards more driver assistance systems extending all the way to autonomous driving, the electrically powered vehicle, and higher standards in regards to safety, connectivity, and comfort. These mega-trends are also shown in the clip.

Watch the video:

About Elmos Semiconductor AG
Elmos develops, produces, and distributes semiconductors and sensors, mainly for automotive applications. Our components communicate, measure, regulate, and control safety, comfort, drive, and network functions. Elmos innovations have been enabling new functions and making mobility around the world safer, more comfortable, and more energy-efficient for over 30 years.

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