New video clip shows applications e.g. intracranial, intrauterine, endovascular and renal pressure

SMI (Silicon Microstructures, Inc.) launched the new IntraSenseTM product line recently. IntraSenseTM features biocompatible sensors that fit into 1-French tubing; the sensors are shipped with pre-attached and pre-encapsulated wiring to simplify integration.

A new video clip illustrates selected applications of SMI’s IntraSense™ product line. Minimally invasive surgical procedures benefit by allowing pressure measurements directly in many spaces throughout the anatomy. It can move through tortuous anatomy to measure intracranial, intrauterine, endovascular and renal pressure. Glaucoma monitoring, biopsies, emergency surgery and biliary pressure monitoring are other areas where the IntraSense™ products might be used to provide the least-invasive monitoring available.

The clip is available here:

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