The E910.72 allows independent positioning of up to 5 DC motors. Pulse detection circuits convert the commutation current of the motors into countable digital signals especially for positioning of HVAC flap actuators.

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  • Operating supply voltage range 6V to 19V
  • 6 half bridges to drive 3, 4, or 5 DC motors
  • RDS,ON of one half bridge typ. 1.25Ω
  • Independent pulse detectors for three motors
  • 2 different pulse detectors covering the complete speed range
  • Adjustable parameters to drive a high number
    of different motor types
  • Diagnostic data via SPI


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E910.72 | Data Sheet

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  • Automotive HVAC systems(e.g. HVAC Flaps HVAC Fan)
  • DC motor servo systems

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Part No. Temp. Range Package Order No.
E910.72 -40°C to +85°C QFN32L5 E91072A61C


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E910.72 6x Half-Bridge DC Motor with Sensorless Positioning Demo- / Evaluation Board K91072-0001
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