The E931.06 integrated circuit is designed for interfacing Passive Infra Red (PIR) sensors with micro-controllers or processors. A single wire Data Out, Clock In (DOCI) interface is provided for interfacing with a... read more


  • Direct connection to PIR sensor elements
  • Temperature measurement
  • Differential PIR sensor input
  • Low Current Consumption
  • Excellent power supply rejection
  • High dynamic range


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Info Sheet PDF 294 kB

Application diagram


  • Integration with PIR sensor elements
  • High end PIR systems
  • Building management

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Part No. Temp. Range Package Order No.
E931.06 -25°C to +70°C Entegris Box E93106B22W
E931.06 -25°C to +70°C Waferbox E93106B22Z
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