The Elmos System-Basis-Chip (SBC) family E523.02/12 controls controls four relays either low-side or high-side driven or three bistable relays (activation in sequential order). The relay holding current can be programmed... read more


  • Voltage range 7V to 28V (5V to 42V peak)
  • Controls 4 relays, low- or high-side driven or 3 bistable relays
  • Relay pull-in and holding current can be controlled via PWM input
  • Power supply 3.3V or 5VC for external controller
  • LIN 2.x interface (1.3), SAE-J2602 or PWM bidirectional
  • Several diagnostic and protection functions
  • Adjustable window watchdog
  • TJunc peak = +170°C


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Info Sheet PDF 165 kB

Application Diagram


  • LIN 2.x or LIN 1.3 relay nodes

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Part No. Features Package Order No.
E523.02 LIN 2.x or PWM for 2 half bridges QFN44L7 E52302C39B
E523.02 LIN 2.x or PWM for 2 half bridges QSOP44 E52302C35E
E523.12 PWM for 2 half bridges QFN44L7 E52312C39B
E523.12 PWM for 2 half bridges QSOP44 E52312C35E
*Plug & Play Chip with defined functionality | no controller programming necessary
*SoC System-on-a-Chip | with integrated microcontroller
*SBC System-Basic-Chip | with Voltage Regulator Reset, Watchdog, physical Interface
*Driver IC Driver Chip without SBC or SoC features
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