This device provides best performance in ultrasonic applications. It builds the core for a robust and easy-to-handle distance measurement system, while offering flexibility for customer applications.

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  • Supports directly driven transducers
  • Best measurement performance due to:
    - Smart damping algorithm / Two static and one automatic thresholds / Near field detection / Noise suppression
  • High robustness and diagnostics
  • Transducer diagnosis information / Temperature sensor
  • Advanced IO protocol with configurable measurement profiles
  • E524.32: 2-wire Interface
  • E524.33: 3-wire Interface
  • E524.34: 3-wire Interface 3.3V
  • E524.35: 3-wire Interface 5.0V


Document Description Type
Info Sheet PDF 139 kB
Product Flyer Ultrasonic Sensors PDF 2,9 MB

Application diagram


  • Ultrasonic park assist systems (USPA, PAS, ...)
  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)
  • Distance and level metering

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Part No. Interface Package Order No.
E524.33 3-wire, VSUP QFN20L4 E52433A52C
E524.34 3-wire, 3.3V QFN20L4  E52434A52C 
E524.35 3-wire, 5.0V QFN20L4  E52434A52C 


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E524.33 Ultrasonic Sensor Board Demoboard K52433-0001

*) Reachable detection range for a standard pole (75mm diameter, 1m height).
Overall system performance depends on external components (transducer, transformer, PCB layout, …) and environmental conditions (supply voltage, noise, ambient temperature, …)

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