Precise and robust semiconductor solutions - Demonstrators show performance and features

At the Sensor+Test 2019 in Nuremberg (June 25 to 27) Elmos presents solutions for sensor signal processing as well as ultrasonic level, flow and distance measurement. Demonstrators for the individual applications show the practical application and the performance of the ICs. You will find the Elmos booth in hall 1, booth 1-422.

Elmos introduces the E520.47, a sensor signal processing IC with SENT interface that supports the simultaneous signal processing of two resistive sensor bridges. The IC has been specially developed for the requirements of automotive applications. The development was in accordance to ISO26262, in order to be able to fulfill safety requirements in the system up to ASIL C. Possible fields of application include brake-, sensor-, MEMS p sensor-applications and the evaluation of resistive bridge sensors. The E520.47 offers low-noise sensor signal conditioning with two single 15-bit delta-sigma ADCs for two resistive bridge sensors, including compensation and linearization. Two additional temperature channels with 14-bit delta-sigma ADC allow precise detection and linearization of different temperature sensors.

Elmos introduces the E703.15 IC for flow, level, concentration and temperature measurement with a full featured 16-bit microprocessor. All analogue front ends are also integrated in the E703.15, so that a heat meter can be realized with only a few additional passive components. The flow measurement is based on the time-of-flight principle. The temperature measurement unit evaluates up to 3 platinum sensors (PTC) with integrated 14-bit ADC. A configurable precision amplifier supports absolute and differential temperature measurements. A software library in an on-chip ROM can be used to obtain real-time measurement results with reduced software overhead.

With the ICs E524.08 and E524.09 Elmos presents another ultrasonic IC family for the ultrasonic parking assistance systems in the vehicle. Furthermore, these ICs can be used for general distance measurements in industrial applications (industrial robots, silo level detection, etc.). During the development of these ICs special focus was placed on an optimal range detection. Thus, the revised signal path currently allows distance measurements between 10cm to 600cm. With optimized system hardware and good environmental conditions, even longer distances are possible.

About Elmos Semiconductor AG
Elmos develops, produces and markets semiconductors and sensors, primarily for use in the automotive industry. Our components communicate, measure, regulate and control safety, comfort, powertrain and network functions. For over 30 years, Elmos innovations have been bringing new functions to life and making mobility worldwide safer, more comfortable and more energy efficient.

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