Together with a dedicated optics the E527.31 sensor device allows to build a Time-of-Flight camera which is capable of measuring absolute spatial distance.
The device controls a laser-diode or LED sending short pulses of IR... read more


  • Dedicated for distance measurement

  • 46 x 46 Pixel Sensor Array

  • Read-out for 32 x 32 Pixel

  • Ambient light suppression by 850 nm bandpass filter

  • Flexible start-address to select area of interest

  • Correlated Double Sampling (CDS)

  • SPI Interface

  • Fast and slow repetition rate to support laser and LED-illumination

  • 1ns step resolution for illumination delay

  • Laser/LED off functionality

  • Integrated temperature Sensor

  • Low sleep-mode current

    (no function, register content is held)

  • Low standby current (2-D image functionality)

  • Supply Voltage 5V

  • AEC-Q 100 Qualification


Application diagram


  • Trunk Opener

  • Keyless Entry

  • Gesture Recognition

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Part No. Temp. Range Package Order No.
E527.31 -40°C to +85°C QFN44L7IR E52731A06B


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E527.31 GDE ToF Evaluation Kit (850nm)  Evaluation Kit K52731-0002
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