The E910.97 integrated circuit combines all required functions for a single chip Passive Infra Red (PIR) motion detector. Motion detection is signaled through the push-pull REL output. A digital input OEN enables REL output.
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  • Digital Signal Processing
  • On chip shunt regulator
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Differential PIR sensor input
  • Excellent power supply rejection
  • Inputs for sensitivity and on time


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Application diagram


  • PIR motion detection
  • Intruder detection
  • Occupancy detection
  • Motion sensor lights

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Part No. Temp. Range Package Order No.
E910.97 -25°C to +85°C Entegris Box E91097A22W
E910.97 -25°C to +85°C Waferbox E91097A22Z
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