The RLT IC (Rain Light Tunnel Sensor) is intended for control-ling an optical sensor unit in automotive wiping systems or in industrial camera and window systems. It provides two em-bedded slew rate controlled LED drivers... read more


  • Front end Optical Rain Sensor signal processor
  • ƒFour input channels for ambient light measurements
  • ƒHigh sensitivity, no total reflection needed
  • Very high robustness against ambient influences like sun light, aging and dirt
  • ƒTwo embedded LED drivers, driving up to 40mA
  • ƒProvides a rain drop signal via the WS pin - SPI interface
  • ƒTemperature sensor
  • ƒExtensive diagnosis during operation


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E527.04 | Data Sheet

Application Diagram


  • Optical Rain Sensor (wiping systems)
    - Windshield, Security Cameras
  • Ambient Light Sensor (measurement) to control
    - Headlight, Head-up Displays, Air Conditioning
  • Pollution Sensor

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E527.04 -40°C to +105°C QFN20L4 E52704A52C


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E527.04 Rain Sensing Evaluation Kit Evaluation Kit KI 1210005
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