This IC provides low-noise sensor signal conditioning with two individual 15-bit Delta-Sigma ADCs for two resistive bridge sensors, including compensation and linearization. Two additional temperature channels with a 14-bit... read more


  • Supply voltage: 4.75 V to 5.25 V
  • Supply and output protection: -18/+35 V
  • Simultaneous signal processing for two sensors
  • Fully digital calibration; no external trim components 
  • Tool set provided for application support
  • Optimized for resistive sensor bridges
  • Sensitivity range: 3 - 112 mV/V • 10-step coarse gain trimming 
  • 31-step coarse offset trimming to 4* input span
  • Low noise input with 15-bit ADC
  • Configurable digital low-pass: 13Hz .. 1.1kHz
  • Additional NTC channel with on-chip linearization
  • 12-bit output via configurable SENT interface
  • Configurable SENT output; same pin providing single-wire programming interface 
  • I2C interface for fast access to sensor/configuration/calibration data
  • Developed acc. to ISO26262 with safety requirements rated up to ASIL C


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Product Flyer Pressure Sensors PDF 1,9 MB

Application diagram


  • Automotive sensor applications
  • Safety applications, e.g. braking systems
  • General MEMS p-sensor applications
  • Conditioning of resistive bridge sensors

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