E522.31 and E522.33 are parts of a family of fixed frequency switch-mode high voltage LED power supplies and controllers with high efficiency. Integrated highside sensing allows topologies related to GND (Boost-to-GND or... read more


  • 5.0V to 55V input, up to 80V boosted output voltage
  • Boost-to-GND, Boost-to-Battery and SEPIC topologies supported
  • Constant current regulation
  • Analog dimming and digital dimming 3000:1 at 100Hz PWM
  • Advanced In-System Diagnostic (e.g. GND loss, output-overload and highside-feedback diagnostics)
  • Very low sleep mode currents of typ. 8μA
  • Automotive qualified (AEC-Q100)


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E522.31/E522.33 | Data Sheet

Application Diagram


  • Automotive interior and exterior light systems
  • General LED Applications
  • High speed LED light animations

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Part No. Oscillator spectrum Package Order No.
E522.31 spread QFN32L5 E52231A61C
E522.33 narrow QFN32L5 E52233A61C


Part No. Description Board type Order No.
E522.31 EMV Boost to Battery Converter (650mA)  Demoboard K52231-0002
E522.31 EMV Boost to GND Converter (500mA)  Demoboard K52231-0003
E522.31 Sepic Converter (750mA)  Demoboard K52231-0004
E522.31 Buck to Battery Converter (3A)  Demoboard K52231-0005

*) QFN both with/without wettable Flanks

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