This device offers the best distance measurement performance in ultrasonic applications. The integrated driver stage directly excites a connected ultrasonic transducer and significantly reduces system cost and size,... read more


  • 4 th Generation "Direct Drive" Ultrasonic Sensor IC
  • Support for various applications and architectures by
    - 2x LIN Interfaces (position detection / auto-addressing)
    - 4x GPIOs (e.g. for UART, SPI, PWM, pin-coding,...)
  • Best ultrasonic measurement performance due to
    -  Efficient and robust transducer damping algorithm
    -  Widely configurable measurement cycles
    -  Noise suppression features for higher robustness
    -  Near field data evaluation for close proximity detection
  • Variety of diagnosis functions, e.g. measurement of
    - Ringing time and ringing frequency
    - Transducer impedance
    - IC temperature and different IC voltages
  • Embedded 32-bit microcontroller (Arm® Cortex®-M0)
    - 64 kByte (32kB Flash + 32kB SysROM with LIN driver)
    - 4 kByte SRAM
  • QFN20L4 package with smallest footprint in the market
  • Development acc. ISO 26262:2018 (capable up to ASIL B)
  • Qualified acc. to AEC-Q100


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Application Diagram


  • Standard ultrasonic park assist systems (USPA, PAS,...)
  • ECU-less park assist systems with buzzer control
  • Drone and Robotics / Distance measurement systems

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E524.36 QFN20L4 E52436A52C


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E524.36 Ultrasonic Sensor Application Board Demoboard K52436-0002
E524.36 Ultrasonic Sensor Application Board Demoboard K52436-0003

*) Reachable detection range for a standard pole (75mm diameter, 1m height).
Overall system performance depends on external components (transducer, transformer, PCB layout, …) and environmental conditions (supply voltage, noise, ambient temperature, …)

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