New convening notice to the Annual General Meeting – Agenda items unchanged

Dortmund, April 9, 2020: Elmos Semiconductor AG (FSE: ELG) releases a new convening notice to the Annual General Meeting today. For the protection of the health of shareholders, employees and the service providers involved, the General Meeting of shareholders will be held as a virtual General Meeting. By abstaining from holding an in-person meeting, Elmos wants to make an active contribution to containing the spread of coronavirus. Moreover, the city of Dortmund has prohibited events of any kind for an indefinite period of time.

The items on the agenda remain unchanged in comparison with the previous convening notice of March 20, 2020. Elmos will implement the shareholders’ rights in accordance with the Act on Mitigating the Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic, provide a video and audio transmission of the entire General Meeting to the shareholders and allow for the exercise of voting rights by means of electronic communication.

The convening notice to the General Meeting of Shareholders is published in the Federal Gazette and available on the Company’s website.

Elmos Semiconductor AG
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About Elmos
Elmos develops, produces and distributes semiconductors and sensors, primarily for use in the automotive industry. Our components communicate, measure, regulate and control safety, comfort, powertrain and network functions. For over 30 years, Elmos innovations have been bringing new functions to life and making worldwide mobility safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient.

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